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family counseling
supportive therapy for teens
child therapy

Family Behavioral Health, Counseling  and
Psychological Assessment

Child, Adolescent, Adult and Family Counseling & Assessments

We look at the “whole picture”

Solution focused treatment

Konick & Associates provides compassionate child, adolescent, adult, and family counseling.  Looking at “the whole picture” of our clients allows us to find the core issues, and then focus on practical solutions that fit your individual needs. The process includes steps to keep you accountable to reaching your goals.  We apply validated behavior strategies to transform patterns of thinking and behavior. When working with children, parents are included jointly in the plan to transfer in-session work to the home and school settings.

View Dr. Lisa Konick's featured presentation on Naperville TV Channel 17's Business Connections to hear more about our mission and the services available at Konick and Associates.

If you would like information about counseling or assessments for yourself or a loved one, please contact Konick & Associates today.

What People Say

Smiling Woman

My therapist has been extremely helpful.  With her help, I have made some positive changes in my life.

I love how easy it is to log in and schedule an appointment.  I have a busy schedule at times so it is very nice to see actual available days and times I can schedule instead of doing the back and forth over the phone.

I appreciate the late hours and the comfort of the office space.

All of them that we have spoken to are professional and courteous.

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