We look at the “whole picture”

Solution focused treatment

Konick & Associates provides compassionate child, adolescent, adult, and family counseling.  Looking at “the whole picture” of our clients allows us to find the core issues, and then focus on practical solutions that fit your individual needs. The process includes steps to keep you accountable to reaching your goals.  We apply validated behavior strategies to transform patterns of thinking and behavior. When working with children, parents are included jointly in the plan to transfer in-session work to the home and school settings.

In addition to therapy services, we offer a full range of psychological assessment and testing services  Dr. Lisa Konick is known for her comprehensive assessments that go beyond best-practice testing methods. An evaluation provides valuable insight into your child or adolescent’s emotional, behavioral, functional, and/or educational needs.  Dr. Konick integrates information from parents, educational staff, and other treatment providers to formulate a complete picture of the client.  She specializes in the following assessments:  autism, depression, anxiety, ADHD, executive functioning, giftedness, specific learning problems, and more.  After an evaluation, a comprehensive report is provided to you with recommendations for home and school. 

Our Services

School & Hospitals

Konick & Associates has extensive experience working with schools to help students reach their fullest potential. Collaboration between the educational team and parents is done to assess why a student is having issues at school.  Once those issues are defined, goals are set and strategies are developed to achieve those goals. This has shown a great deal of success in reducing the stress and negative behaviors students’ exhibit when in social and educational settings.

In addition, Konick & Associates has extensive experience working with hospitals. Crisis intervention, collaborative discharge planning, and creating a smooth transition back to daily life are specialties of ours.  

Work with schools and hospitals include:

  • Assessments

  • School anxiety and refusal

  • Disruptive behaviors

  • Transition plans

  • On-site behavior observations

  • In-service training

  • Educational seminars

  • Consultations on behavior plans and IEP/504 accommodations

If you would like information about counseling or assessments for yourself or a loved one, please contact Konick & Associates today.

"I have known Dr. Konick for many years as a professional colleague. She is a very compassionate and dedicated psychologist.  She provides great evidence based care, and I am very impressed with her psychological evaluations. They are very thorough and offer impressive treatment recommendations. I feel very confident in her ability to treat clients, especially those suffering from autism spectrum disorders and more difficult to treat clients."

- Dr. Maha Zayed

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