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Neuropsychological testing for autism, depression, anxiety, ADHD, giftedness, specific learning issues and more.

The clinical team at The Center for Testing at Konick & Associates takes into account the “whole picture” when working with a client. We are known for our comprehensive neuropsychological assessments and autism evaluations that go beyond best-practice testing methods. An evaluation provides valuable insight into you or your child or adolescent’s emotional, behavioral, functional, and/or educational needs. Information is integrated from parents, educational staff, and other treatment providers to formulate a complete picture of the client.  After an evaluation, a comprehensive report is provided to you with recommendations for home, work and/or school. 

A psychological assessment is similar to how a person would visit a doctor to be assessed if they had physical symptoms. This might include a series of tests to determine what the issue is and even start to define a cause. A neuropsychological evaluation is a test or series of tests that can help us understand the underlying issues for a client. The outcome assists us with understanding one's strengths and weaknesses in a number of areas, including cognitive processing and educational abilities.  This, in turn, can help determine possible accommodations or interventions in the home, at school, or in the workplace.

The process of pursuing a psychological evaluation or a neuropsychological assessment can be overwhelming and somewhat stressful.  Below is information about how our process works. 

What to expect during the assessment process

Woodland Path
Weeks 1-2: Preliminary Stage
  • Initial Intake 

  • Record Review

  • Insurance Verification

  • Pre-Authorization for Testing

  • Formal Proposal

Weeks 3-5:  Data Collection Phase
  • Psychological / Neuropsychological Testing

  • Behavior & Symptom Measures 

  • Consultation 

  • Behavior Observation

Green Nature
  • Finalize Data Collection 

  • Data analysis & Interpretation

  • Report Preparation

  • Feedback Session

Weeks 6-8:  Integration and Completion Stage

Beyond best-practice testing methods.


Many professionals provide an evaluation that shows how a person is ranked by numbers.  Our team goes beyond this and interprets those numbers to provide a concise, but in-depth description of what they mean based on our years of experience.  It takes the evaluation from being a general tool to a more focused, useful resource.
Most importantly, an assessment is nothing to fear nor is it something to "study" for.  It's simply a tool psychologists use to find the best way to help you.



Assessments & Screenings Available:

  • Psychoeducational assessment - Identification of gifted students or specific learning problems

  • Neurocognitive - Cognitive processing, intellectual functioning

  • Neuropsychological assessment, including memory, attention, language & social information processing

  • Diagnostic assessments for Autistic Spectrum Disorders & ADHD

  • Nonverbal cognitive assessments for individuals with limited verbal abilities

  • Personality & social-emotional functioning

  • Behavior assessments

  • Executive functioning

  • Adaptive functioning and life skills

  • Symptom screenings - depression, mood, anxiety

  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)


The Center for Testing at Konick & Associates provides Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE) for school districts when a student is in due process or the family has enlisted the support of an advocate to assess special education placement.   Our clinical psychologists have experience working with school district teams to complete IEE's, including collaboratively reviewing each district's and the Illinois State Board of Education's (ISBE) specific guidelines.  We also perform behavior observations and IEP review and consultation. 

Call the office at 630.206.4060 for more information or to set up an appointment.

"I have known Dr. Konick for many years as a professional colleague. She is a very compassionate and dedicated psychologist.  She provides great evidence based care, and I am very impressed with her psychological evaluations. They are very thorough and offer impressive treatment recommendations. I feel very confident in her ability to treat clients, especially those suffering from autism spectrum disorders and more difficult to treat clients." - Dr. Maha Zayed

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