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Web Resources



Autism Speaks

One of the largest organizations dealing with Autism. An outstanding resource for information, possible causes and treatment strategies.



This is a fantastic resource. It's a website run by two men who have dealt with their own Aspergers diagnoses. The videos on this site are extremely helpful.


Through Our Eyes: Living with Asperger's.

This is a YouTube video documentary featuring discussions with Asperger's individuals and how they see themselves and their challenges.




Ted Talks



How I Learned to Communicate My Inner Life with Aspergers.

Alix Generous is a young woman with a million and one ideas -- she's done award-winning science, helped develop new technology and tells a darn good joke (you'll see). She helps you understand some of the challenges of living with Aspergers and how she's successfully dealt with them.



The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Mind.
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore explains how the adolescent brain is unique in the development cycle. Helps to understand what drives your teenager.






10 Things Your Child Should be Able to Do by Middle School

A helpful article/guide on what to expect a typical pre-teen/young teen to have accomplished or be able to do by a certain age. Written by a middle school teacher.





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