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Counseling for Children, Teens, and Adults Dealing with Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress can hold you or your loved one back from enjoying the fullest life possible.  Konick & Associates can help you overcome these obstacles. By spending the time necessary to learn about all areas of your life, we can address negative patterns of thinking. We blend empathetic understanding with a goal-focused approach, empowering you to be an active member in your path to success.

Today’s world is full of adult stressors such as divorce, job changes, and loss which can leave one feeling overwhelmed with life.  Anxiety can make it difficult to be your best self. Our professionals are here to guide you through these difficult times and help you with tools you can use to reach your individual goals.

Navigating the multiple demands of the school or college environment can be difficult.  Social pressures and academic expectations can take a toll on the strongest kids. If a child has social anxieties, this can cause them to act out in ways their peers and adults may not understand. When working with children, parents are included jointly in the plan in order to transfer those newly developed skills to the real-world setting.

We collaborate with teachers, social workers, parents, and the child to find ways to help accommodate and minimize the triggers which may cause a child’s anxiety and stress. By finding the right solution for your child, and putting it in place together, the child will have a better overall experience at school and at home.

If you would like to speak about dealing with anxiety or stress for yourself or a loved one, please contact Konick & Associates today.

"Lisa has been a great resource for our company. She is always willing to share information so that she can collaboratively serve her clients best. She is a true professional looking out for the best interest of her fellow professionals and clients. She is a pleasure to have connected with."

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