Family Therapy

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Counselors with expertise in Child and Family Therapy, Parent Coaching & Behavior Management 

Konick & Associates provides an empathic approach to understanding the unique challenges you and your child are experiencing. Equipping families with the necessary tools and strategies to effect long-standing positive change can help.  By blending compassionate understanding with evidence-based practice, we have been very successful in helping individuals and families reach their fullest potential.  

The Konick & Associates difference is that we look at everything effecting your family, including all family members and outside influences, when focusing on a solution for your family.  Getting to know your family dynamic and helping you change patterns of thinking or behavior will improve your relationships. This practical approach to parent coaching provides you with language and actions to use at home.  Lasting, positive change can happen with these behavior strategies. 

Family Time

Parent Coaching & Behavior Management Training available for: 

  • Social and emotional challenges

  • School stress

  • Behavior concerns, defiance

  • Parent-child conflict

  • Coping with divorce, loss or other major life event

  • Disruptive behaviors and noncompliance

  • Family conflict & co-parenting

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders



If you would like to speak about family therapy or parent coaching, contact Konick & Associates today.