Parent Education Series

As part of our community education efforts, Dr. Lisa Konick hosts an "Ask An Expert" Parent Education Series through Facebook Live to address timely parenting topics.  Dr. Konick is joined by experts in the fields of psychology, education, and child behavior to provide tips and resources to help parents understand and support their kids.  See the upcoming schedule and view past videos below.

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April Autism Awareness Series

Our special April features for Autism Awareness Month will be held at 6 pm on the following dates.  Pre-registration is required for these events, which are hosted via Zoom.  You will receive a zoom password once your registration is confirmed.

April 12 - My Life with Autism:  Thriving in a Neurotypical World

Dr. Konick met with Nina, a neurodiverse young adult with ASD.  Nina offered her personal insights and advice on supporting individuals with ASD as they move towards independence in the personal, educational, and vocational arenas.  She discussed the impact of anxiety and sensory processing challenges in various settings and tips on how to manage these areas of difficulty.


April 21 - Educational Supports from Early Childhood through College+

Dr. Konick hosts a panel of educational experts to discuss educational supports and programming ranging from childhoold through college and beyond.  This panel features specialists in educational advocacy, therapeutic and speciality schools, and specialized post-high school and college programming.  They offer input on special education plans (IEPs/504s) and what to expect in a transition plan.

April 26 - Multi-disciplinary Therapeutic Supports for Individuals with Autism

Dr. Konick meets with an expert panel to discuss the various types of therapies available for individuals with ASD.  We will provide an overiew of the benefits and goals of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), speech, occupational and physical therapies at various points across the life span to support development.  Dr. Konick will also discuss the benefits of psychotherapy, group therapy and parent coaching to support individuals with ASD and their families.

Recent FaceBook Live Events

The Path to College for Individuals with Autism

Aired:  March 31 at 5 pm


Dr. Lisa Konick met with Brianne Jonathan to discuss
The Pathways Program at Aurora University.  Pathways is a multi-faceted program designed to help students with autism reach their potential in their studies and in their careers. 

Tune in to learn about:
• Summer Camps for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors
• Pathways College Connections for high school seniors and transfer students
• The Pathways College Program
• The Early Career Development process​

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Our Services

Dr. Terry McCormick summarizes the therapy and assessment services offered at Konick & Associates and how our clinicians support individuals and families.


Co-Parenting Tools

Dr. Terry McCormick discusses the importance of co-parenting and the long term impact on children when parental tensions persist following divorce.

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