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People are talking ... here's what they are saying about Konick & Associates!


"I have known Dr. Konick for many years as a professional colleague. She is a very compassionate and dedicated psychologist.  She provides great evidence based care, and I am very impressed with her psychological evaluations. They are very thorough and offer impressive treatment recommendations. I feel very confident in her ability to treat clients, especially those suffering from autism spectrum disorders and more difficult to treat clients."
- Dr. Maha Zayed, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, The OCD & Anxiety Center


"As a professional colleague of mine, Lisa is a warm and responsive psychologist who focuses on the person and not just the numbers or diagnoses. The clients I have referred to her are pleased with the results of her evaluations and treatment. I really enjoy working with her!!"
- Gwen Ginski, M.Ed, LCSW

"My organization, BDI Playhouse Children's Therapy, refers often to Konick and Associates and Dr. Lisa C. Konick. We have consistently received great feedback from our clients. Dr. Konick is very professional and easy to communicate with. She is genuinely invested in the success of her patients and is one of those rare gems who genuinely loves her job and life's work. I would highly recommend her."

- Janis Bautz, CEO, BDI Playhouse Children's Therapy

"Lisa has been a great resource for our company. She is always willing to share information so that she can collaboratively serve her clients best. She is a true professional looking out for the best interest of her fellow professionals and clients. She is a pleasure to have connected with."
- LearningRx Chicago-Naperville

"Lisa is a gifted clinician who has the skills to do comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations as well as meaningful therapy. Lisa’s diagnostic skills are bar none and I know few who spend such time with the details of an evaluation. Lisa is as warm and approachable as she is professional."
- Ms. Carolynn Ballew, LCSW, Clinical Social Worker/Therapist

"Lisa and her staff bring compassion and professionalism to every client interaction. They are a busy practice but still make time in their schedules to accommodate the urgent needs of colleague referrals and existing clients alike. Collectively they have many years of experience spent in special needs, counseling, and assessment practice areas. Their empathetic and supportive approach lets a client know they have their best interests in mind. I highly recommend Konick and Associates."

- Pam Valle, Valle Educational Consultants

"Such a wonderful resource! Lisa specializes in working with children, teens, and their families in both therapy and psychological assessments. She is warm,  caring, and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommend."

- Angela Molloy, Executive Function Coach, Beyond Booksmart

"Lisa is a knowledgeable and compassionate doctor who has a passion for helping people. The person I referred to her is in a much better place because of the work they’ve done together. I won't hesitate to  refer others to Konick and Associates, I highly recommended them."

Dawn Hershik, Supporting Strategies



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